Saturday, 29 October 2011

Another Leviathan Update

I made my way back to Canada's Wonderland today for my final visit of the season there.  Got a bunch of rides on my beloved Behemoth... and also took some more pictures of next year's new ride... Leviathan!

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

This was my view as I drove in today :

Before heading into the park, I took a few pictures... here is some track:

...and here are some supports!

I walked around the corner, and what did I see?  The bottom of the main drop!

I walked around for some different views......

I then walked around to the front gate.  I noticed that the footers had come along quite well.  Here is a view in the turnaround area:

I went in through the front gates and noticed this sign.  I really hope it is not a sign of things to come next year.....

I then walked over towards Leviathan......

I went up to ride Dragon Fire.  Was very interesting, as Dragon Fire is literally in the middle of Leviathan's construction.  Track pieces and supports everywhere.  Here you can see the crown of Leviathan's lift hill:

 I did not spend too much more time taking photos, as I wanted to get my rides in... but here is a couple more :

At this point, I went around riding.  The park was dead today.  Every ride was a walk-on, except Behemoth, and that was maybe a 2-3 train wait.  I did a lap of the park, hitting my favourites, and then spent my final half hour camped out on Behemoth, finishing off my coaster season.

Now that the off season is upon us, I will still attempt to document Leviathan's progress whenever I pass by.  Should make for an interesting off season!

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