Sunday, 23 October 2011

Leviathan Progress

I took a few hours out of my day yesterday to go to Canada's Wonderland.  As I told someone.... soon enough I will be bitching about the long offseason.

Got a few rides in on some favourites like Behemoth, Windseeker, Vortex, and so on. The park actually had some decent lines (yet still manageable) for such a cool day.  Somehow I think Sundays are a lot quieter this time of year.  I remember going in previous years on October Sundays and enjoying the park to myself.

Anyways, I took some time to check out construction on Leviathan.   Here are some photos.... click for a larger view:

This was my view from my parking spot.  As you can see, with the lift hill not even half done, it is towering over Dragon Fire.

I took the time to walk around the outside of the park, and snapped a few more pictures.

You can see in this next picture how the coaster will go right outside the park towards the main gate.

Here is where the turnaround will be, right in front of the entry plaza.  I hope that they can minimize the removal of the trees, as they have been there since the park opened in 1981.

Here is the view as you approach the ride from within the park.

The ride will certainly look imposing as you approach it!

Here is a view of the station area:

And now looking up the lift hill:

In my mind, I am already dreaming of making the ascent up this hill!  Anyways, work on this coaster is progressing along, and it won't be long before the coaster below is the second tallest in the park.

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