Monday, 20 February 2012

Leviathan Is Complete!

Word got out the other week that structural construction on Leviathan had been completed.  Your fearless reporter here was chomping at the bit to go to Canada's Wonderland to take photos, but, once again, time and winter weather got in the way.  Well, today is a holiday here in Ontario, and it was a gorgeous sunny day, so I set out to take some photos! Once again, click on photos for a larger view.

There she is in all her glory... every piece of track installed.

The turnaround just towers over the entrance.

Looking at the turnaround from this angle, it almost looks like a loop!  Also, you will note in both the picture above and below, very few trees were removed from the grove in front of the front gate to make way for this element.  A nice touch.


The twins!  On the left, incoming.... on the right, outbound.

Airtime goodness!

Almost like steps......

How can one not love this?

Come the end of April, I will be flying over this.....

So beautiful......

A good shot of everything but the turnaround.  I had to control my drool at this point.  Here's some more random shots to enjoy......

Taking these shots today, I just wanted to be able to hop in a train and ride.  That will have to wait until the end of April though!