Saturday, 21 January 2012

Leviathan Construction Progress January 21 , 2012

Well, It has been a while since I have had a chance to go to Canada's Wonderland to see how Levaithan is coming along.  I have gone by the park several times since my last post, however it has either been in the middle of the night, or it has been raining (it has been a mild winter here).

Anyways, enough with the excuses, here are the pictures!  As always, click on the pictures to see them all nice and big.

 As you can see , the major bunny hop on the way to the hammerhead is complete .

And, for that matter, so is the hammerhead!  Just look at that!

There is that first turn.  In a matter of three months, trains will be whipping around that.

From there they will go over this low hill.


This is where construction is at right now......

...with some more pieces on the ground awaiting the crew.... connect that section to the brake run here.  Really, there is not that much left to do.  I imagine that my next update will be of a full track.

I have many pictures of this drop.  It will never cease to impress me.

Here are the three major drops of the ride.

Another look at hammerhead goodness.....

 ...and onto things not so good, like Flight Deck.  If the ride was not so damn popular, I am sure Wonderland would ship it out.

Looking below, we got a little bit of snow overnight, and Wonder mountain looks all nice and pretty covered in it.

More airtime goodness!

Time to show some love to what has been my favourite coaster at Wonderland.... Behemoth

The Mighty Canadian Minebuster looks eerie as it sits dormant.  There is just something about the wood coasters.  To me, they are living, breathing organisms, and this one is in hibernation until spring.

Theres a nice shot of Behemoth with Leviathan lurking in the background.  We are now halfway through the long offseason.  Not too much longer until Behemoth rides again - and Leviathan takes flight!