Thursday, 28 April 2011

Old Town

So I came back from my trip to Florida the other week, and I finally have time to sit down and write.

While technically Universal's Islands Of Adventure was my first amusement park stop, I am going to start here with Old Town, where the ACE event started.

Old Town, located in Kissimmee, is a combination amusement park/shopping district.  Think of an old town's main drag, complete with shops and restaurants, with ride areas anchoring each end of the strip.

As we are coaster enthusiasts, we were there to ride the Windstorm and the Wacky Worm (#367 on my list).

Windstorm is a production model from SDC.  Not many are around, though, so it is unique to me.  I rode it first on a visit a year ago.  Very intense little ride.

 The above maneuver is easily the most intense moment on the ride.  This diving turn actually does a 360 -- it sends you back in the direction you were going, in such a tiny spot.  Caught all the new riders by surprise!

Wacky Worm is, well, a Wacky Worm.  I was denied the credit last year, yet was allowed on it this year.  Nothing special, like every other one of the model out there.

We also managed to walk next door to Fun Spot where we were permitted to ride (two adults per train only) on the aptly-named Kid Coaster (#368).  Despite it's name, it was quite fun, reminding me of a similar  ride I was on at Scandia in Ontario, California last year.  Nice abrupt humps on the ride sent us out of our seats a few times.

All kids' coasters should be like this!

Next up : Universal's Islands Of Adventure!