Saturday, 19 November 2011

Yet Another Leviathan Update.....

I had some free time yesterday, so I took a drive to Vaughan to see how construction on Leviathan is doing.

As I got off the highway, I was greeted with this view.  The drop is almost complete!

With the park being closed for the year, I decided to try taking photos from the hill that separates the park from Major Mackenzie Drive.  One thing I noted from the hill was that there was nothing stopping me from going  into the parking lot and into the area right under the drop.  Fencing was around the bottom of the drop, but everything else was wide open.  This all said, I decided to behave and stay on top of the hill, and kept back of the property line (marked with stakes in the ground).

Here is another view of the first drop (and, once again, click on the photo for a larger view):

And here you can see the rise out of the trench, with the track starting tobank towards the front gate:

I decided to play with my zoom lens and I got this shot of the top of the lift.  Looks like there is only one piece to go!

Here is a shot of the drop and rise out :

This shot shows how Leviathan towers over Dragon Fire.....

There is still a lot of coaster to be built.  Nothing is in place yet for the run to the front gate and back.  All that track lies in wait......

I made the mistake of heading towards Canada's Wonderland in the middle of the afternoon, totally forgetting that the sun starts to set at about 4 PM this time of year.  So, I had to be quick in taking my shots.  While many did not come out well due to the setting sun, I did manage a few good shots of Leviathan with the sun going down behind it.

Now you just know that ACErs from all over will be taking shots from the same angle when they come to town next year, be it in their own, or when ACE holds their annual event there next September!


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